Is your post about me?

Being from a small city.  I think that it is every bloggers nightmare. That one person who has their knickers on too tight who lurks on your social pages. Doesn’t comment or like anything. Thank God there is no dislike button there is too much haters in this world.

My post was how I feel short changed by big corporates with large reserves in the bidding processes. As a business person I have been experiencing more of this ruthless behavior more and more than maybe 5 years ago when I started my entrepreneurship journey. Apparently my post upset him so much he felt the need to raise the issue with me.

I asked what was the issue? Or rather where was the discomfort?  Was it my spelling? Because I had posted what I felt at the time and the nerve of someone  feeling disturbed nearly knocked my wig off.

His problem with the post was that he and his organization are apparently going through the same thing I was moaning about, being bullied and and short changed. ‘His people ‘ think he might be discussing his trade secrets with me.

I couldn’t hide the shock in my face as I recalled the time they were starting out in the business and asked me to pitch to cater for the end year function. My quote was relative but what put the nail in my pink casket is when they took my ideas and used a big established catering company for the event. They didn’t have the decency to share with me that they wouldn’t be using my services or my my ideas.  Since karma doesn’t loose an address, I knew their business ethics would finally catch up with them.






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