Fathers Day

Growing up with a father and being daddy’s little girl. My brother growing up feeling not heard or seen by our father. My kids abundant by their father. We all have unique experiences with our fathers and entitled to our own opinions on how to go about this day.

A few weeks ago I decided to let go of all the BS and pride and wish my children’s father a happy birthday. We have always spoke though lawyers, the police, court papers, social media trolling. I had a near death experience, my heart just stopped. On one of my Dr’s visits I had an aha moment and decided that I am going to forgive him for me.

Growing up with a father who worshipped the ground I walked on and meeting a man who didn’t want anything to do with his seed was too much to comprehend or even understand. I don’t even think it’s even my place to understand without going nuts.

My TL is filled with people’s bad experiences with their own fathers, father figures etc. I hope everyone finds their peace.

I wished him a happy Fathers Day this morning and he wished a belated happy birthday a happy belated Mothers Day sic

#FathersDay #Family #CooParenting #SingleParents #Father


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