Every cheating man deserves a Buhle 

The court of public opinion had all but forgotten of the ‘affair.’ Then the ministers wife Noma hits our LED screens with a bang. Nothing could have prepared the nation for this. The interview was painful to watch. Self incriminating and absolutely unnecessary. 

As the week unfolds Buhle in proper Monica Lewinsky style goes on social media to defend herself. Boy the girl fights dirty. She has on record taped convos between herself and the minister with sensitive information and an honest opinion of his fiancé at the time, saved text messages and last but not least a naked video the minister sent off his wiener sic.

Every cheating man deserves a Buhle. 

I am not proud but I have had my own Buhle encounter and it was humilating just after my daughter was born she was a lil over a month. My partner at the time is sleeping with the baby. Before his nap he left strict instructions. Leave the texts alone but answer the calls. He was expecting a call from someone from the depot regarding a delivery.

Text after text came. Ok ok I tried to open the texts but it was Fort Knox. The phone rang and i answered. It was the Buhle. She was fuming that she had mad him dinner and it was getting cold. Chicken livers. I always thought he hated chicken livers but that was besides the point. I tried to wake him up he pretended like he was sleeping.

She called back a few minutes later fuming and said she was coming over.

Cutting the long story short. My partner at the time gnawed and bit off a chunk off my shoulder and bolted.

In no time his Buhle pulled up. My family tried to stop me from going out to meet her and leaving my kids orphaned but curiosity got the best off me.
She firstly introduced herself, she worked for Kingdom Bank and she knew a lot about me but I am not was what she expected. She apologized for her tone on the phone earlier and explained that she was taken aback when I said he was sleeping. Reason being that he told her he only came by was to see the baby and we had broken up months back.

Hiding the shock in my face. I told her to tell him he need not bother coming back as it wasn’t even his child. She jumped up with glee and said I told him all along and she left.

I never saw him again till we faced each other in Court. He wanted full custody off my child. Sic




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