I was out binge shopping with my daddy dearest, it was the end of the month, few tellers actively present extremely long queues, grumpy impatient shoppers just the typical end of the month, end of the day madness.
A family friend from church was having a tantrum at the till. The cashier had just told her she didn’t have  5 Thebe which was the ladys change and the lady was refusing to move and customers were backing up.

I offered to give her the 5 thebe which she graciously declined saying ‘it’s just a matter of principle.’

We stood in line for over 30 minutes whilst the supervisor/ manager was being located.

The lady in question is a good friend of my mother and I think they are closer in age which my mom disputes. Mom says she is years younger than her. Anyway I was just telling her the other day, once you reach a certain age you need to learn to let things go and breath a little because you just look neurotic from the outside.


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